Over the last four years, Rendever has earned a spot as one of the largest enterprise virtual reality companies, thanks to the hard work and passion that our team brings to work every day.

Kyle Rand


“I saw the negative effects of social isolation take a toll on my own grandmother as she dealt with the aging process. When I first saw seniors react to virtual reality, I knew there was something powerful to dive into, and have spent the last years pouring my heart into a product that I know my grandmother would be proud of.”

Tom Neumann


“The first time I was able to bring a resident to their childhood home was a turning point for me. The work I was doing before Rendever was never as meaningful, but now I’m able to help people return to the places that are most important to them and have an opportunity to make a difference using a technology that I love."

Nick Abruzzo

Director of Business Development

“Working for a company, part of a team, and in a culture that is built around truly improving and impacting people's lives in a positive way is very important to me. I'm proud of the work we’re doing and know that down the road, my friends and family will all benefit from this innovative technology."

Grace Andruszkiewicz

Director of Marketing & Partnerships

"Loneliness is an epidemic… but it doesn’t have to be. Rendever is making real, tangible strides to combat social isolation in senior living communities and I’m incredibly proud to be a part of the solution. The positive reaction we see every time someone tries Rendever is what gets me out of bed in the morning!"

David Stoller

Director of Community Engagement

"I joined Rendever because I’m passionate about bridging the gap between innovative technologies and the aging industry in order to improve the quality of life for older adults. Virtual reality is one of the most natural fits to help me live that mission."

Bobby Allen

Sales Manager

"Working with a team that is sincerely passionate about changing and expanding the worlds of those around them is what initially drew me to Rendever. Seeing the immediate and significant positive impact virtual reality has on senior living communities is what inspires me every day to help build relationships through shared positive experiences."

Stephanie Randall

Content Strategy & Production Manager

"I was hooked the moment I heard about Rendever. Having watched a loved one struggle with the aging process, I was determined to find a way to help. I am so proud and thrilled to be working with such talented, mission driven coworkers to help alleviate isolation and depression for older adults."

August Vitzthum

Software Engineer

"I've always wanted to design applications that would excite those using them. Rendever has provided an avenue that allows me to impact people while working on fun and exciting development projects. With every line that I write, I know I'm promoting fun for seniors through enjoyable and interactive experiences."

Jake Pechauer

Community Engagement Manager

“Having previously worked in an assisted living community, I know how crucial the element of trust is to relationships between staff, residents, and family members. Rendever's platform creates opportunity for connection, and I'm excited to work directly with our communities to help them bring their residents' dreams to life!"

Amy Lamontagne

Community Engagement Manager

"Working in long term care settings throughout the last several years, I saw effects of isolation first hand - particularly amid the COVID-19 crisis. I am thrilled to be part of a team that is working to combat this and improve the quality life of our seniors with new and exciting technology."

Alex Sussman

Software Engineer

"VR as an experiential medium has limitless potential, full of moments of exploration, creativity, and community. It inspires me every day, and I’m excited to a be part of Rendever, where I’m able to use my skills to share that inspiration with one of the audiences that benefits from it the most."

Andrew Hurd

Software Engineer

"The ability to integrate multiple technologies into a platform that truly changes the lives of such an important demographic is everything I wanted in a career. Seeing the videos when a resident tries Rendever for the first time, and realizes that they can go anywhere they want and do anything they want again. The amount of pure joy that rushes across their face is the most motivating thing I could imagine!"

Olga Ryrakhovsky

Sales Manager

"I am so excited to join the Rendever team and help combat social isolation within senior living communities through our innovative technology and engaging programming. I have always been passionate about helping seniors thrive - so I am thrilled to be part of team that helps older adults transform dreams into realities!"

Katie Gilarde

Sales Manager

“I spent years in the travel industry helping others see the world. Now it brings me so much joy to help older adults see the world in the comfort of their communities with Rendever. I am so excited to be a part of the Rendever family where we all genuinely care about providing shared positive experiences to our partners."

Athena Yao

Design Intern

"In a world in which older adults are often left behind by advances in technology, Rendever brings the power of VR to a population that needs it most. After seeing the effects of social isolation and dementia on my grandparents firsthand, I’m constantly inspired by our mission of building meaningful relationships within senior living communities across the globe."

Abby Ko

Social Media Intern

"Possessing a background in entertainment technology and a deep love for my family, I was captivated by this crossover between worlds where one can help the other. VR has so much potential, and it's incredible to see it being utilized this way. Everyone at Rendever is so passionate about what we do, and I'm thrilled to be here."

Bailey Larmore

Experience Intern

“Rendever’s dedication to seniors inspires me. While volunteering in the Memory Center at a senior living community, I saw how residents could significantly benefit from interactive experiences. Working with an energetic team that brings creativity and innovation to senior communities makes me smile!”

Sara Thyden

Experience Intern

“Having two grandmothers in their early 90s, I’ve seen firsthand the negative effects loneliness and isolation can have on them. I am so proud to contribute to a team that tackles this issue by providing experiences that bring adventure, curiosity, and laughter back into the lives of older adults. I’ll never forget the awestruck look my 91 year old grandmother had when she was walking with penguins and flying on a hot air balloon!"

Kaela DeAngelis

Content Editor

"I've worked with residents with dementia for years, and I loved Rendever ever since first trying it with my residents. I'm excited to be working with the team to create meaningful experiences that can be used for all seniors and staff across the country - and someday the world!"


Team Mascot


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