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At Rendever, we care about each life we touch, each magical moment we create and each memory that can be shared and re-lived. Virtual reality allows life's experiences to be integrated into the healthcare journey - with widespread benefits.

Virtual Reality: the most powerful form of distraction therapy

VR isn't just about entertainment anymore. It's a powerful tool in distraction therapy, playing a crucial role in enhancing patient experience by allowing the patient to experience life beyond the hospital environment, thereby decreasing stress and anxiety.

Rendever brings patients relief and serenity even amidst challenging circumstances. It's more than a distraction; it's an opportunity for patients to continue living wonderful lives while undergoing treatment.


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Empowering next-level patient experience

Rendever takes patient experience to new heights. Our platform allows caregivers to control the VR experience for each patient, so patients can sit back, relax, and delve into a different world. And it provides value to everyone in the journey of care - family members can join in on the experience too, fostering unique positive human connection during treatment.

But you don't have to take our word for it. Our feasibility study, conducted alongside our partner UCHealth and published by the Beryl Institute, speaks volumes about the transformative power of VR in healthcare:

  • 92% of patients rated their VR experience as positive to extremely positive.
  • 88% of patients expressed their wish to use VR again during their treatment.
  • The caregiver experience saw a remarkable improvement too, with the score increasing by a full basis point after a single Rendever session.

When life has become limited, Rendever is there

Patients looked forward to their VR sessions, and the immersive VR environment has the power to alter their mood and, as validated in a number of studies, significantly decrease anxiety. For a brief moment, patients are able to escape not just their surroundings, but also their illness.


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Don't just take our word for it

Read what our healthcare partners say about us.

"Virtual reality at UCHealth is all about distraction for our patients. The content is there to bring them joy, bring a smile to their face, and take them someplace else instead of their treatment. We can use it for long treatments or fearful treatments, treatments that bring anxiety."
Nikki Caputo
Senior Director, Experience and Innovation
“Our minds are complex and can be stimulated by such positive and meaningful interactions. Technology will permeate our health system in ways we have never experienced before. This is one example of embracing the era of digital health.”
Joanna Harrison
Executive Director of Seniors Specialized Care, Interior Health
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