Rendever's Mission

The Power of Shared Experiences

Rendever delivers immersive technology for a longer, healthier, more connected lifespan. 

Our award-winning approach is centered around virtual reality designed to help people form better communities.

The Problem

Social isolation is a dangerous reality

Moving into a senior living community can make older adults feel as if their freedom is limited. In fact, 40% of senior living residents will experience depression or isolation during their stay, making this a modern mental health epidemic.

Rendever is here to change that.

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Current Solutions Are Not Working

Research has shown that social isolation is as detrimental to one's health as smoking 15 cigarettes per day. It's tied to a 50% increase in dementia risk, a 30% increase in heart disease, and a host of other comorbidities. The current approach of medications, passive entertainment, and modest activity budgets are not helping to fix the root of the problem:

Humans of all ages need authentic social connections, and healthy new relationships are built on positive shared experiences. 

The Solution

Shared, Immersive Technology for Seniors and Those Who Care For Them

With Rendever, residents simply put on a headset and they’re immediately transported into a magical immersive experience - together.

They can travel to all corners of the world, checking off bucket list items and learning about new cultures. The entire approach is research-backed meaning the experience is incredibly powerful, particularly among older adults experiencing cognitive decline, impaired vision or mobility restrictions.

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Customized reminiscence therapy tools allow your residents to take a stroll down memory lane by revisiting their childhood home, wedding location or anywhere else from their past.



Provide opportunities for residents to virtually leave the four walls of their community to explore, check off bucket list items, and engage with the world in ways they no longer thought possible.

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Create new friendships through the power of shared experience, all while providing unforgettable moments and stories that residents and their families will remember forever.

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"RendeverLive is a slamdunk for programming! Our residents love the sessions, and it feels like you’re an extension of my team which is amazing!"
Oakmont Management Group
"Rendever sets the gold standard for programming. There are times I don’t know what I would do without you and your daily live sessions. Keep them coming!"
Lucie Jackson-1
Lucie Jackson
"Rendever is building a holistic ecosystem for resident engagement, and we’re loving every aspect of it. You can hear laughter and cheers coming from down the hall. It’s contagious how much fun they’re having.”
Ricky Pena
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