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A pilot study of virtual reality as an alternative to pharmacological sedation during colonoscopy.

This pilot study demonstrates that virtual reality is an effective alternative to sedation for reducing discomfort during colonoscopies. Patients experienced minimal pain, avoided side effects of medications, and were highly satisfied, suggesting VR can make screening colonoscopies more accessible.


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Virtual Reality Provides Painless Alternative to Sedation During Colonoscopy

Colonoscopies are critical for cancer screening and prevention, but many patients avoid them because of the discomfort and side effects from sedation. This pilot study tested virtual reality (VR) as an alternative to sedation for patients undergoing routine colonoscopies.

Key Highlights:

  • 96% of patients completed their colonoscopy using only VR, without any sedative or pain medications.
  • Patients reported minimal pain, high satisfaction levels, and a willingness to use VR instead of sedation again.
  • Procedure times were not impacted. VR did not compromise completion rates, patient care, or safety.
  • Patients were highly motivated by the ability to drive and resume normal activities immediately after their colonoscopy with VR.
  • Most patients said they would recommend VR to friends/family and choose it instead of sedation for future colonoscopies.

VR is a feasible alternative to sedation that could make screening colonoscopies more accessible and convenient. By avoiding sedatives, patients can drive themselves home and immediately resume normal activities. Rendever's VR technology provides patients with an immersive, relaxing experience that effectively minimizes discomfort during colonoscopies.

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