Our values are in direct opposition with the systemic racism and senseless discrimination that people of color experience today. We are committed to listening, learning, and taking action. Here are some of the ways we’re supporting the movement:


Immediately following the death of George Floyd, our organization as a whole, as well as individuals on our leadership team, matched donations to more than 30 amazing organizations that are leading the effort to dismantle systemic racism. Collectively, our community contributed over $15,000.


While Rendever employs just over a dozen employees today, we are committed to reevaluating and improving our hiring practices to ensure that there is an appropriate candidate pool for each and every new role as we grow. To this extent, we will now refrain from making any hiring decisions for open positions until we have interviewed at least one underrepresented candidate for that role.


We encourage every employee to take time out of their schedules to volunteer with organizations they are passionate about. For this reason, we offer unlimited paid volunteer time.


As a result of the difficult conversations happening in the world, we’ve also created a safe space for optional, regular check-ins within our team. It is our hope that, through open conversation, we can come together to learn, discuss, and evolve. There is always more that we can be doing, so our intent is to be consistently evaluating and brainstorming ways that we can be a part of the solution.