Rendever is on a mission to overcome social isolation through the power of virtual reality and shared experiences.

Simply put, we are focused on reducing and eliminating loneliness. Virtual reality (VR) is an amazing technology that can transport you anywhere - and experiencing it with others has a magical effect. In our experience, participants open up, share stories, discuss how they’re feeling, and ultimately are able to find common ground with their peers. While the VR session itself is fun and engaging, we get most excited about what happens once the headsets off. We’re planting seeds and helping people build relationships - as these relationships grow, loneliness and depression will be left in the dust.



We put thought into every office supply order. Do we really need those tape dispensers, or can we simply order the roll of tape? Do we need to print that 20-page document, or can we pull it up on the computer instead? We also select vendors that value the environment and minimize their footprint.



Something as simple as the dishware in our office can make an impact. We make an effort to eliminate the use of one-time plastic dishes and silverware, and instead offer employees real dishes that can be used over and over again. We’re not judgmental people, but you may get a side-eye if you bring a plastic straw to a meeting…



As an organization, it is necessary to order large quantities of hardware. It’s not unusual to see boxes and shipping materials stacked in our office. While the shipping and materials are unavoidable, we do have the power to recycle as much as possible.