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Over the last six years, Rendever has earned a spot as one of the largest enterprise virtual reality companies, thanks to the hard work and passion that our team brings to work every day.

Kyle Rand


“I saw the negative effects of social isolation take a toll on my own grandmother as she dealt with the aging process. When I first saw seniors react to virtual reality, I knew there was something powerful to dive into, and have spent the last years pouring my heart into a product that I know my grandmother would be proud of.”

Tom Neumann


“The first time I was able to bring a resident to their childhood home was a turning point for me. The work I was doing before Rendever was never as meaningful, but now I’m able to help people return to the places that are most important to them and have an opportunity to make a difference using a technology that I love."

Nick Abruzzo

VP of Sales

“Working for a company, part of a team, and in a culture that is built around truly improving and impacting people's lives in a positive way is very important to me. I'm proud of the work we’re doing and know that down the road, my friends and family will all benefit from this innovative technology."

David Stoller

VP of Partner Success

"I joined Rendever because I’m passionate about bridging the gap between innovative technologies and the aging industry in order to improve the quality of life for older adults. Virtual reality is one of the most natural fits to help me live that mission."

Dr. Jennifer Stamps

Director of Research

"I can’t think of a more impactful use of my backgrounds in chemosensory neuroscience, neurology, and psychophysics, than working with this brilliant and genuinely altruistic team and all of our community partners to bring more joy and happiness into the world."

Stephanie Randall

Director of Programs

"I was hooked the moment I heard about Rendever. Having watched a loved one struggle with the aging process, I was determined to find a way to help. I am so proud and thrilled to be working with such talented, mission driven coworkers to help alleviate isolation and depression for older adults."

Jonathan Bryant

Director of Enterprise Sales

"I joined Rendever because I resonated with its mission immediately. Here I can strategize and deliver on providers’ missions to provide great care, embracing innovating AgeTech to allow their residents to thrive.  Rendever will soon be in thousands of communities, hospices, hospitals and homes, enriching the lives of aging adults everywhere, and I’ll get to be a part of it, celebrating every new partner along the way!"

Jake Pechauer

Growth Manager

“Having previously worked in an assisted living community, I know how crucial the element of trust is to relationships between staff, residents, and family members. Rendever's platform creates opportunity for connection, and I'm excited to work directly with our communities to help them bring their residents' dreams to life!"

Katie Little

Sales Manager

“I spent years in the travel industry helping others see the world. Now it brings me so much joy to help older adults see the world in the comfort of their communities with Rendever. I am so excited to be a part of the Rendever family where we all genuinely care about providing shared positive experiences to our partners."

Ben Vaigneur

Sales Manager

“Having seen, firsthand, the saddening effects of social isolation on older adults, joining a team focused on positively impacting those lives is a dream come true. I am confident the work our team is doing will continue to enhance lives around the globe for older adults and their families, and will do so for generations to come. I knew from the moment I found Rendever that something special was happening, and I’m very proud to be part of the team that is driving so much impact.”

Mat MacKenzie

Senior Software Engineer

"I've spent more than half my life making interactive software, and am always impressed by the sense of being transported to another place or time.  We've all felt more isolated lately.  The seniors I know love to share a good adventure.  I'm delighted to help bring them there."

Alex Sussman

Software Engineer

"VR as an experiential medium has limitless potential, full of moments of exploration, creativity, and community. It inspires me every day, and I’m excited to a be part of Rendever, where I’m able to use my skills to share that inspiration with one of the audiences that benefits from it the most."

Andrew Hurd

Software Engineer

"The ability to integrate multiple technologies into a platform that truly changes the lives of such an important demographic is everything I wanted in a career. Seeing the videos when a resident tries Rendever for the first time, and realizes that they can go anywhere they want and do anything they want again. The amount of pure joy that rushes across their face is the most motivating thing I could imagine!"

Amy Lamontagne

Community Engagement Manager

"Working in long term care settings throughout the last several years, I saw effects of isolation first hand - particularly amid the COVID-19 crisis. I am thrilled to be part of a team that is working to combat this and improve the quality life of our seniors with new and exciting technology."

Emma Meads

Community Engagement Manager

“Having worked in senior living communities for several years, I came to realize there is a lack of support for social and emotional wellbeing. Rendever offers infinite potential to explore, travel, and create new experiences. I have seen residents exude with excitement when they try a new adventure and radiate with joy when they revisit a favorite location. I am thrilled to be a part of a team where we can truly change the lives of seniors."

alex maugeri alex maugeri vr

Alex Maugeri

Community Engagement Manager

“I’ve been interested in virtual reality and overcoming social barriers since before I can remember. Now with Rendever, I can spread my love for VR to some of its most necessary beneficiaries, seniors. Let's expand the world for the elderly, and show them there is still new frontiers for them to explore!"

Emma Jane Caldwell

Community Engagement Manager

"I’ve worked with older adults since I was teenager. I’ve seen all of the ways isolation and loneliness can hurt seniors. I love being part of a team that can directly address the suffering I’ve witnessed. Seeing seniors light up while they use Rendever is invaluable. Hearing the conversations about the shared experience after is priceless. I’m happy to be a part of a company that cultivates this joy."

Nikki Nikki-1

Dr. Nikki Truscelli

Project Manager

"Feeling frustrated by the lack of translational research in my discipline of Communication, I am enthusiastic to be a part of the Rendever team and help families THRIVE. I am thrilled to join a team with the same passion for human connection."

Dr. Erin Naffziger

Clinical Researcher

"My decision to join Rendever came from the lived values and culture of care that's been created both for the employees and the people we serve. To be able to continue research while also promoting emotional wellbeing and quality of life is a dream come true!"

Yuval Rosen

Clinical Researcher

"My experience working in mental health gave me exposure to how significantly people decompensate under socially isolative conditions. Rendever’s forward-thinking approach to alleviating this in a senior population is truly exciting, and I am thrilled to be a part of it with such an enthusiastic team of people!"

winnie final winnie vr final

Winnie Lin

Clinical Research Intern

"Through my clinical experience working in hospital and personal experience I have seen how social isolation can exaggerate the symptoms of aging and have negative effects on other aspects of social life. By joining Rendever, I hope to be part of the change to combat social isolation for the current generations as well as make strides towards aiding my generations and all those that come after!"

Maxwell Schenkel

Clinical Research Intern

“Getting to work with Rendever has provided the opportunity to witness firsthand how my neuroscientific knowledge can be applied in an environment that improves quality of life in the short and long term. Our current projects not only contribute novel findings to the growing literature on cognitive aging, but they also get researchers to interact with residents in assisted living communities so that the research and healthcare industry can speak more accurately and empathetically about peoples’ personal experiences.”

Sara Thyden

Experience Designer

“Having two grandmothers in their early 90s, I’ve seen firsthand the negative effects loneliness and isolation can have on them. I am so proud to contribute to a team that tackles this issue by providing experiences that bring adventure, curiosity, and laughter back into the lives of older adults. I’ll never forget the awestruck look my 91 year old grandmother had when she was walking with penguins and flying on a hot air balloon!"

Alexis Slotterback

Experience Designer

"I knew the second I heard of Rendever that it was something I had to be a part of. Having seen several loved ones struggle with the aging process and studying the negative effects of isolation depression in developmental psychology, I was instantly inspired by Rendever’s mission. I feel honored to be a part of a team that is so incredibly passionate and driven toward making the lives of older adults better through fun, positive experiences and social connection."


Milton Kennedy Varanda

Experience Designer

“The moment I saw what Rendever was doing for older communities I just knew that I had to be apart of the mission. I have seen loved ones isolated and I know the pain it causes them so being able to have the opportunity to bring positive experiences to older communities that are isolated drove me to wanting to be apart of this group! It is an honor to work with such a creative and driven team that works hard to bring joy to those communities."

Francesca Dell'olio

Executive Assistant

"I’ve seen firsthand with my nana how isolating senior living communities can be, and how difficult that transition can be for seniors and their families. From the moment I discovered Rendever, I was drawn to the mission and knew that I needed to be involved in anyway possible! I’m proud to be part of a team that makes an impact and who truly cares about improving seniors’ lives by keeping them connected to the world and to others."

Jarius Kidd

Support Intern

“It has been incredible to see and work with virtual reality technology that has been able to not only combat social isolation, but create a strong sense of community and new ways of experiencing the world. I've always wanted to make an impact in the lives of others, and working with Rendever I’ve been able to see this dream realized.”

Bailey Larmore

Experience Intern

“Rendever’s dedication to seniors inspires me. While volunteering in the Memory Center at a senior living community, I saw how residents could significantly benefit from interactive experiences. Working with an energetic team that brings creativity and innovation to senior communities makes me smile!”

Kaela DeAngelis

Content Editor

"I've worked with residents with dementia for years, and I loved Rendever ever since first trying it with my residents. I'm excited to be working with the team to create meaningful experiences that can be used for all seniors and staff across the country - and someday the world!"



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