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Rendever offers the most expansive library of experiences, features, and customization options - including through the involvement of family members.



Customized reminiscence therapy tools allow your residents to take a stroll down memory lane by revisiting their childhood home, wedding location or anywhere else from their past.



Provide opportunities for residents to virtually leave the four walls of their community to check off bucket list items and engage with the world in ways they never thought possible.



Create new friendships through the power of shared experience, all while providing unforgettable moments and stories that residents and their families will remember forever.

When you start up your system, you have six key features to get started on your journey into VR.


Activity Guides

Activity Guides are custom built journeys inspired by the walking tours with local guides our own parents and grandparents loved to participate in. Each Activity Guide takes you to a variety of ‘must-see’ spots in different regions and includes commentary and engaging prompt or trivia questions. These are perfect if you want to explore an area that you aren’t familiar with - educational, cultural, and inspiring!



When we say the world is your oyster, we mean it. For people that want to go to a specific place in the world, Search is the perfect feature. Visit their childhood home, the church they got married in, or a favorite vacation destination. Search taps into reminiscence therapy and is powerful for all residents, but particularly those experiencing cognitive decline.



Spin the globe and pick a destination! A middle-ground between the structure of Activity Guides and the limitless possibilities of Search, the Explore feature allows you to pick a country for exploration. Track your travels by monitoring the different shades on the atlas - the more you visit a country, the darker it gets.



Want to fly high in a hot air balloon? Swim with dolphins? Wave to the crowd from atop a parade float? Our extensive library of immersive Videos allows residents to experience things that they may no longer have the physical ability to do - or things they never thought they’d get to check off their bucket list!



Apps are interactive games and experiences that keep residents engaged, mentally and physically. Choose from the ever popular ‘Balloon Popper’ and watch the friendly competitive spirit take hold or help your residents relax with Breathe’s immersive guided meditation.



Family members have access to a custom platform, where they can upload photos and videos and create personal life stories, all of which are automatically available on the Rendever system at their loved one’s community. This means that residents are able to not only travel around the world, but also travel back in time and relive memories in a whole new way.

“I haven’t been able to go back and see Japan after getting out of the service more than 60 years ago. The best part of using Rendever was being able to find some familiar places, and share memories with my family.”

Duane Paalman

Air Force Veteran

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