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Alcove is the first family-oriented virtual reality app. A virtual home filled with endless experiences to discover and explore, it’s a place to connect with loved ones all over the world. Packed with games, world travel, media, customization, relaxation, and adventure - there's always something new to experience on Alcove.

Why Alcove?

Social isolation is an increasing health concern, no matter where you choose to age. 

Studies have found that isolation and loneliness are worse for health than obesity or smoking, especially if you’re over 50. The health risks of prolonged isolation are equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Alcove is here to address that for people who are aging at home. Alcove bridges the physical distance between family members and empowers people to experience new places and things they wouldn’t otherwise be able to because of the constraints that often come with aging.

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Connect with Loved Ones

Hang out with friends and family and catch up on the couch in your own virtual home

Customize Your Virtual Home

Decorate your walls with your own photos, upload and watch your own videos, or change the scenery

Play Engaging Games

Grab a friend to play checkers or keep your mind engaged with cognitive exercises

Relax and Unwind

Listen to classical music, practice guided meditation, or watch a variety of compelling shows

Travel the World

Take a cross-country road trip, ride in a hot air balloon, and explore the depths of the ocean

Learn About Caregiving

Hear from experts about the best approaches to caregiving for older adults

"When my dad was dying from cancer and I couldn't get to him because of COVID lockdowns, I sent him an Oculus, with Alcove installed. We got to hang out, go on a road trip across America. The road trip was great because his concentration was fading, and holding a conversation with him on the phone for more than a few minutes was hard... But we were able to relax on that road trip and have a long conversation and time together. Thank you so much for that."
Frazer Kirkman
Alcove user on Meta
"If you have family/friends with a VR headset - this should be one of the first apps you show to them. It's a wonderful way to spend time with your family.I love the VR tours that allow us to travel around the world together - it's an amazing experience being on a bus/train and riding through a city or even better - being on a hot air balloon flying through the mountains."
VR Heaven
Alcove user on Meta
"This has been a wonderful source of entertainment during this time of lockdown and limited travel. I have thoroughly enjoyed the travel room and am still working my way through the content. I'm 76 years old and am unlikely to do much globe-trotting in the (hopefully) post-pandemic future, so this has been a real treat for me. I'll explore the other rooms later.Had to increase my internet speed, but it was well worth it. Thank you, Alcove folks."
Alcove user on Meta
A true place to call home in VR - totally loving Alcove! This is so much better than searching and downloading apps and browsing the web for VR content - and then experiencing it alone! Alcove is a fully immersive experience with everything you can imagine - yoga, travel, music, creative spaces, playing games...... and it's all in my own home that I can customize (including the views - prefer the ocean view). And, I don't have to experience it alone. I invited my brother into my house for a game of chess and my dad in a couple of times to show him some of the videos (he liked the underwater exploration). There has been new content/experiences added since I downloaded Alcove… so please keep the updates coming! Thanks!
Alcove user on Meta
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